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Heba Shams


Young Professionals

Our careers are shaped by the first few years. Yet, for many of us there is very little support to help us understand and navigate. I help young professionals get to a good start.


Gifted Teens & Adults

If you typically stand out, have multiple interests and feel unsure which one to pursue, struggle with overwhelm, and sometimes do not know how to connect, I can help.


Young Leaders

The digital economy and changing corporate culture are thrusting creators, professionals, and entrepreneurs into leadership roles at much younger age than earlier generations. Young leaders have different needs and questions than leaders who come to their leadership role after longer period of gestation and experimentation. I offer executive coaching that is tailored to this distinct experience. 


Working Mothers

I hold space for working mothers to explore their choices, understand their preferences and tradeoffs, and work out how to tackle the demands of their competing roles. 

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I am trained as a youth coach. My approach is organic. I rely on deep listening, non judgmental, open-minded listening.  I use questions and reflections to help you find your own truth, set your own goals, and commit to achieving them. Sometimes all you need is a trained ear and someone who is willing to take the time to reflect back to you your own light. 

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About me

I am a coach offering life, executive, and career coaching  with special interest in youth as a distinct group with distinct perspective. I use deep listening and powerful questions to help clients discover the answers to their pressing questions and clarify their goals. I also hold space of accountability and commitment that helps them reach those goals. 

I draw on a long and successful career in global multi-cultural organizations and on what my two very creative and authentic sons taught me about the variety of a youthful perspective. 

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